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Stralenfolter - Andrea Laroche - Silent Holocaust

Stralenfolter - Andrea Laroche - Silent Holocaust 
Silent HolocaustSummary about the chemical methodsGoogle: Todesfabrik in Bohnsdorf (East-Germany) (death factory in Bohnsdorf) In this deathfactory, the stasy used to do research on the chemical method used on people. They have beenarrested for political reasons. All victims died on cancers.Google: Einleitung zur entfürung und mord – how to kill / Schweriner Zeitung 1995 – page 2to 7: one of many other studies from the stasi academie of ministerium for state security. It’sexplained in details how to use chemical substances and which method has been used by thestasi till now to manipulate and destroy and kill.Page 7: Exhibit on the fact that the chemical substances used by the stasi came from the USAdo to the research.Google: Federal organisation against mind control. You will find out that 99% of Europeanwitnesses and victims of the silent holocaust tell: “this method began in 2000 – probably after1999, the crime ex-stasy made business of the complex method in Europe”. You will also findthousand of thousands victims and witnesses in the USA -- > see CIA.Google: Verein gegen den missbrauch psychophysischer waffen E.V. The association againstthe abuse of Psychological, physical weapons in Germany. I have been contacting thisorganisation since August 2009. I’m officially on the list of more than 200 witnesses andvictims in Germany. You will find on the website of this organisation my declaration andphoto documentation on my destroyed body. In this association are more that 200 witnessesand victims experiencing the same situation as I do. The summary of the declaration of all isabsolutely the same information and experience as mine about the used methods. We allexperience a complex method which destroys people with directed energy weapons, chemicalmethods in combination with heavy stalking and mobbing and defamation. Therefore I wrotein my declaration that no help is coming from official offices in Germany such as Police,Justice, German department or Press.Google: Ruth Gill – “Elektronische folter”
see page 4. After 1999, the CIA confiscatedfrom Germany the document of the agents containing about 200 000 names of Ex-stasis. In2002-2003 the CIA only gave a small part back to Germany in such a way that the documentscould no longer be used. I appeal to all witnesses and all victims to make a declaration fortreason. For checking the ex-stasi crimes, the CIA must give back the original documentscontaining 200 000 names of Ex-stasi to the German and European parliament.Google: The last information from 10 July 2009. Altermedia Germany hhtp:altermedia10/07/2009 ex-stasi. There are thousands of thousands crime Ex-stasi in Germanyworking in the Ministeries, the Justice, Police, State Security. One of the ex-stasi is a personalsecurity commander of Angela Merkle( Bundeskanslerin).
Google/Internet: Research done on Exhibits & strategies on 16/06/2009 and 21/06/2009All this information is from the present NOT from BEFORE 1989!
Information about the present activities of the Ex-stasi spies « Spitzel »Official news: about 100 000 Ex-stasi members ( Ex stasi means the Ex East GermanCommunist State Security)Official: about 200.000 ex-stasi spies « Spitzel »The Ex-stasi Agents learnt the professionalism to destroy and kill people from the Ex-Stasi.After the soft revolution 1989 in East-Germany, they got unemployed. Tens of thousands exEast-German stasis and agents got a job in the new German Republic as private detectives,policemen, state security and spy (Spitzel). (see google : stasi recycling
)The Ex stasi are maybe/probably the biggest political crime organization in Europe, theycollaborate amongst others with the Russian Mafia, NPD ( National Partei Deutschland
 Nazis) this party is again governing in the German government. This information dates back to
« Stutgart/W.G. Internation symposium « Europe in the grip of Maffia »Jürgen Roth – journalist and author.www.tommoak.de/mord/toxdat.htm (article about how the kidnapping and the killing is doneby the Stasi)English: Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons
 http://www.mikrowellenterror.de/english/mw-weapon.htmDr. Reinhard Munzert6. Sept. 2002
The Ex-stasi head quarter was and is Eastern Berlin.
After the soft revolution (after 1989), in the new German republic, the ex-stasiopened many detective agencies e.g. two ex-stasi opened one detective agency– DESA in Berlin East; Friedrichshein. Many ex-stasi criminals and the spiesgot employed over there. This agency was the biggest stalking and spyingorganisation against e.g. Telekom, lawyers, journalists, etc.
Ex-stasi crime activities 14/06/2009
see ex-stasi recycling “ Der lautloseTransfer der DDR-Spione. This official information will show you that mydeclaration about the stalking, the police and different agents exists.
See declaration – Evidence of courageous people from Berlin, India andBrussels. All those people informed and warned me about the crimeorganization and their method which consists in breaking me and bringing meto the hospital. For example – see my declaration 08 January 2008 – India –local police and inspector.
Exhibits: see the file of doctor Munzert Erlangen on 4 September 2002 the ex-stasi ( inter Police state security) took doctor Munzert against his will to themind hospital and he was taken to the isolated room to break his publicationsand work on the ex-stasi crime activity “mikrowellen” and to manipulated hisinformation to diagnose the doctor as being paranoiac. ( see google: DoctorReinhart Munzert Erlanger or see google: ex-stasi Carina Stein 09/11/2007)I experienced the same as doctor Reinhart Munzert Erlangen
see “dieausgespitzelte Republik – einestages/ Stasi im Westen”http://einestages.spiegel.de/static/topicalbumdiscussion/4222/die_ausgespitzelte_republik.html On 29 June 2009 I had a phone call with Dr. Munzert about my drasticsituation. I’m very thankful to him for the advice he gave me and also I thank the ex-lawyer for political affairs Clauss Platinko for his support.
See my declaration – Ex-stasi cooperation with NPD-Nazis. See declaration forexample August 2008 or June 2008 Nazis have been stalking my friend and mewhen being in Vienna (more explanation can be given personally). See google
Ex-stasi contacts between ex-stasi and NPD Nazis, about 1140 /informations, see for example 23/05/2009 or 17/11/2007 etc.The ex-stasi also used a strategy in which the Neo-Nazi turned against me inorder to frighten me and my friend.
See my declaration on September 2008 till now on US agents in India (moreinformation can be given personally) Till 16 June 2009 I kept wondering whyUS agents were also involved in this plot. Now I think having found theanswer –> see “Schweriner Volkszeitung – Anleitung zu Entfürung, Mord undTotschlag” from 4 March 1995 – Lehrgangsskripte page 2 to 7. See page 7/7 –160376 – declaration from Nagel – Substances from USA to the DDR as“Forschungsbedarf DDR/MFG” /AS SUBSTANCES FOR THE RESEARCH. 
See google : 1.1140 articles on
“verbindung zwischen ex stasi un neo nazi”
See google: cooperation between CIA & Ex-stasiFor instance: Ex-stasi Spy Chief Markus Wolf -http://1984usa.com/higherlearning/?p=477 
See my declaration on the chemical substances and the poison to kill: DerfallEigendorf 
see page 2/3 and 3/3 (the handwritten document from 19/09/198332 pages on how they destroyed Mr. Eigendorf using chemical substances andpoison having his death as a result. This one out of thousands of examplesshows you that I have been more three times in the same situation. After theyused the chemical substances and drugs, I could have lost my life through verydangerous situations.
Information about Psychiatry related to the Ex-stasi methods
Abuse of the PsychiatryEx Stasi use a double strategy: radiation on the one hand using poison, drugs, etc. and on theother hand they pretend the victim to be mentally ill (mad) so that Police, Justice and Presswould not discover the facts, the reality and therefore not help the victim.Point e : Missbrauch der Psychiatrie – www.mikrowellenterror.de/artikel/index.htm -12/06/2003http://www.mikrowellenterror.de/english/mw-weapon.htm
Ex-stasi Aktivitäten – 6730 ex stasi activities after 1989 (see Google – Ex-Stasi-Aktivitäten fter 1989/Wende)Related websites with information in German and English about these activities:http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,484561,00.htmlhttp://www.ict.org.il/Articles/tabid/66/Articlsid/717/currentpage/32/Default.aspxhttp://www.wsws.org/articles/2006/may2006/germ-m19.shtmlhttp://www.findefux.de/forum/read.php?84,10580,10580http://www.einestages.speigel.de/external/ShowTopicAlbumDiscussion/a4222/10.html
Discovery of ex-STASI methods in Berlin on the 2th of may 2008.Methods that destroy people life’s by empoisoning with different chemical substances.Mostly in gas form. This is the case in my life since 2
of May 2008. (I’ve written a fullversion of 4 pages of these methods).
Personal details:
 Name: Laroche, Andreae-mail:laroche_ji@yahoo.com tel:
0032 (0) 492531782
 address: Rue de petit rempart 5-casu, 1000 Brussels---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Since 2001-2003 there have been other criminal activities against me in Berlin.KRIPO-Berlin reported these crimes.
After I found out these methods I received death threats, I’ve been bullied, stalkedand shadowed and I’ve been suffering from bodily harm (photographical evidence of thereaction of my body to the chemical substances). Between 14/11/2008 until 02/09 theycanceled 40 different faxes that I sent to many help organizations. E-mails I’ve sent havebeen manipulated (exhibits).In august 2008 I spoke with two lawyers about these methods. In the past it were criminalactivities against me, afterwards it worsened and became political crime situation): theystarted to use state security from East-Germany and other agents. These officials used
against me
everywhere I went (Berlin, India, Brussels)
to manipulate people inmy environment (all witnesses were obliged to keep silence). All this has been done tosilence me and to secure the information about the methods.After witnesses and people who’ve helped me had been blackmailed, I decided to protectthem and travel to India. This journey just worsened my situation (I refer to the full versionof my declaration).
I asked the help of many organizations:
On 8
of September 2008 in Dehli I asked help of the German Embassy. They advised meto keep “silence”. They promised to contact me and to help me, but they never did.-
23th February 2009 I travelled to Amsterdam and I spoke with a member of AmnestyInternational who read my file. He said: “I see you find yourself in a drastic situation, butAmnesty International is not competent to deal with a situation within a ex-STASIorganization is involved.” I got this answer from many other small human rightorganizations. They all advised me to find help in Germany, because of the origin of thisex-STASI organization.

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