Deze maand zaten ze weer veel in mijn computer, of ze laten blijken dat ze in mijn computer zitten en halen dan mijn internet weg of zorgen dat mijn browzer niet werkt of dat alles gewoon moeizaam verloopt. Ik ga ervan uit dat ze er anders ook in zitten maar dat ze dan alleen maar mijn info, op de achtergrond lezen. Ik krijg meestal een waarschuwing van 'Windows Defender' dat er een 'Trojan' (Gevaarlijke Malware) verwijderd moet worden en het is ook steeds dezelfde type 'Trojan'. Ik zeg maar niet welke 'Trojan Malware' want dan kan een ander (die kwade bedoelingen heeft) het ook weer bij iemand anders, op internet, gebruiken. 

Wat ze ook doen is een nep profiel maken of zich voor doen als een van mijn vrienden op Facebook, of ze vragen of ik dan vrienden wil worden. Ik ben dan al lang vrienden met deze persoon, maar om de een of andere reden is het 'vinkje' bij hun naam (waar vrienden staat) weggehaald en moet ik ze weer bevrienden! Ook gaan ze zelfs zo ver dat ze een beroemd iemand gebruiken om mij te vragen om met hun vrienden te worden en daarna wordt de vriendschap door Facebook in twijfel getrokken en wil Facebook eerst nagaan of het wel klopt dat de persoon de gene is die hij/zij zegt dat hij/zij is!

Verder gaat het electronisch pesten met 'Dew' (directed energy weapons) gewoon door en wij moeten ons, als het erg pijn doet, beschermen met folie, plastiek, kussens (tuinkussens) en alles wat maar helpt om ons te beschermen tegen de pijn.

Verlede week moest Marie weer naar haar dokter omdat zij  (wegens de buren) bloeduitstortingen had op haar borst. Dit is nu al de 3e keer dat zij dit heeft, de buren hebben het ook een keer op haar buik veroorzaakt.



(My experience by Melanii Anderson)

It all started when my daughter and I moved into a 3 bedroom house on
the corner of Vardon street and Adrian street in Springvale, Melbourne
Australia. It would make sence to settle into your new abode, but for
me it was the signs of being stalked and watched in the home my
daughter and I so longed for. So many windows around the house and so
many times I spotted one of the neighbours spying in. Encouraging me
to pry into the matter i took note. The first incident noted was a
couple peering through my bedroom window and the male telling his
female partner to keep her head down low. Many times I would catch my
neighbours in my yard peering through one of the windows. The first
suspect is a male in his 30’s. tall and black hair, his girlfriend or
partner in crime has shoulder length bleach blonde hair and was seen
driving a silver car on her Pplates, The 3rd suspect is a young male,
tall, slim and black hair and heard his name is Nick. He may be a
computer repairman. They rented the garage from the neighbours on the
left of me to stalk me. They rented the garage from Mr. Kunal Prashar.
I beleive they are connected to the neighbours that were on the right
to me where they had a large satellite dish so large it was bolted to
the back wall of there house almost positioned where it can’t be seen.
I saw an asian man at one point hanging what looked like a micraphone
over their back fence into my yard. They even went as far as
approaching my friends Craig and Elle in the front of my house to
question them about me face to face.Even other surrounding neighbours
witnessed these individuals renting the neighbours back yard. The
names and numbers of these many witnesses had been handed into the
Springvale Police Station, Melbourne. It was around this time I
started to recognise the strange happenings. The beginning of my
Electronic harassment.
When ever I had my lights off they had a light turned on into my house
so they could see my shadow. Every time my daughter, her friends and I
used the bathroom they would be staring in through the bathroom, When
my daughters friend Candice was changing I spotted one of the
neighbours staring in.This is an act of Pedophillia. I would notice
funny lights always directed into my bedroom and could always hear
them talking about me. Even my daughter and her friends kept on saying
they could hear the neighbours talking as if they were in the house. I
soon started to feel each day as if something was directed on me and
cooking my organs. My body would heat up inside causing an abnormal
wind problem in my stomach. My glands started to get blocked. I
started to hear a popping noise in my brain. Yet I had been to the
doctors and had everything tested and even a cat scan to show there
was nothing wrong with my brain, Because they cooked my organs I had
to have my heart monitored several times. I am a fit dancer and never
had health problems, Only a year before I had my heart exrayed at my
local doctors only to be told it was very healthy and strong.
Electronic harassment, or psychotronic torture, or electromagnetic
torture is a conspiracy theory that government agents make use of
electromagnetic radiation, radar, and surveillance techniques to
transmit sounds and thoughts into people’s heads, affect people’s
bodies, and harass people. Individuals who claim to experience this
call themselves “targeted individuals” and many have joined support
and advocacy groups.
Why i agree with this is because my gangstalkers were running through
backyards of Dunbar ave. Cranbourne when they were sprung running
through an elderly man’s home. My gangstalkers flashed a police badge
to the elderly resident to get out of their situation. That’s how I
know they are police officers or posing as police, could most
certainly be associated with CIA. At one point they cooked my organs
more than other times that I would loose control of my organs, The
pain is something i have never felt before. I even heard at one point
one suspect telling the other “that’s enough, she should have been
dead with that much exposure!”
The stalking continues, they followed me and were sitting in camera
view in front of the Ibis Budget Hotel in Dandenong on the 23rd of
November 2015. So gangstalking and Electronic Harassment is very real
and anyone of you could be a victim. Since all this started I have had
my facebook hacked twice, I have had my internet banking hacked, they
even made a request for a copy of my superannuation. My email accounts
all hacked. Had my phone checked and it is bugged aswell.
Being Harassed and Terrorized by RNM Remote Neural Monitoring Private
criminals or corrupt government are tapping into and somehow gaining
access to Government satellite technology using RNM Remote Neural
Monitoring also known as Satellite Terrorism and terrorizing
individuals. This is being done illegally to individuals across the
United States and now around the world and these criminals are going
unpunished. in many instances these criminals are using a Bogus
illegal terroristic so called “investigation” once the satellite is
locked on the individual this “investigation” is nothing more than
repetitious harassment and terrorism to the victim that last for years
and is meant to drive the victim insane commit suicide or have them
jailed or institutionalized. Targets or victims should be aware that
the definition of paranoid schizophrenia as “amended”, includes
victims references to voices and the belief that someone’s
reading/controlling their mind. Although, current technology allows
this and illegal experiments to involve the remote causation of all
these “symptoms”.

(please share this to help stop electronic Harassment, it could happen to you)

foto van Frank Kennedy.