Tiny 'Fitbit' can track your body from WITHIN

Dust-sized 'fitbits' offer new way to monitor the body from within


Dust-sized 'fitbits' offer new way to monitor the body from within

Wireless sensors use ultrasound waves both for power and to retrieve data from nervous system

Thomson Reuters Posted: Sep 07, 2016 10:16 AM ET Last Updated: Sep 07, 2016 10:16 AM ET

The dust-sized wireless, batteryless and implantable sensors could monitor or treat epilepsy or improve control of prosthetics.

The dust-sized wireless, batteryless and implantable sensors could monitor or treat epilepsy or improve control of prosthetics. (Ryan Neely/University of California, Berkeley)


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Scientists are developing dust-sized wireless sensors implanted inside the body to track neural activity in real time, offering a potential new way to monitor or treat a range of conditions, including epilepsy and control next-generation prosthetics.

The tiny devices have been demonstrated successfully in rats, and could be tested in people within two years, the researchers said.

"You can almost think of it as sort of an internal, deep-tissue Fitbit, where you would be collecting a lot of data that today we think of as hard to access," said Michel Maharbiz, an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California, Berkeley.

Fitbit Inc. sells wearable fitness devices that measure data, including heart rate, quality of sleep, number of steps walked and stairs climbed, and more.

Current medical technologies employ a range of wired electrodes attached to different parts of the body to monitor and treat conditions ranging from heart arrhythmia to epilepsy. The idea here, according to Maharbiz, is to make those technologies wireless.

No wires or batteries

The new sensors have no need for wires or batteries. They use ultrasound waves both for power and to retrieve data from the nervous system.

The sensors, which the scientists called "motes," are about the size of a grain of sand. The scientists used them to monitor in real time the rat peripheral nervous system — the part of the body's nervous system that lies outside the brain and spinal cord, according to findings published last month in the journal Neuron.

The sensors consist of components called piezoelectric crystals that convert ultrasound waves into electricity that powers tiny transistors in contact with nerve cells in the body. The transistors record neural activity and, using the same ultrasound wave signal, send the data outside the body to a receiver

Amputees, quadriplegics could benefit

The researchers said such wireless sensors potentially could give human amputees or quadriplegics a more efficient means of controlling future prosthetic devices.

"It's a meaningful advancement in recording data from inside the body," said Dr. Eric Leuthardt, a professor of neurosurgery at Washington University in St. Louis. "Demonstrations of capability are one thing, but making something for clinical use, to be used as a medical device, is still going to have to be worked out."

Before implanting wireless sensors into the brain, the science of understanding how the brain processes and shares information needs to advance further, Leuthardt said.

To deliver motes, currently one millimetre in size, into the brain, the researchers would need to miniaturize the sensors further to about 50 microns, about the width of a human hair.

"It's not impossible," Maharbiz said. "The math is there."

New “Neural Dust” sensor could be implanted in the body

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Artificial Intelligence Uses HAARP, Chemtrails, Satellites, Computers To Enslave Us – Magnus Olsson

Pete Santilli is joined by guest Magnus Olsson expert on mind control and covert harrassment.

Magnus Olsson is of Swedish nationality. He studied economics at the Cesar Ritz in Switzerland, American University of Paris and Harvard, Boston, USA, during the years 1988-1992.

In 1994 he started the company Jon Sandman Enterprises that became a well known brand in the bedding industry. Magnus wasn’t just an outgoing successful businessman. His personal life was as fulfilling. He was married with a wonderful woman with whom he has two children.

In the spring of 2005 Magnus visited St. George (Carpio) Hospital where he was sedated. Soon thereafter his life’s circumstances changed forever. He entered what he calls a shocking “Science Fiction-drama”. He entered ” into a world where violence and torture was the norm”.



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2 comments on “Artificial Intelligence Uses HAARP, Chemtrails, Satellites, Computers To Enslave Us – Magnus Olsson”

  1. Hello Pete I live in Colombia South America. I am a victim. Perpetrators here make money by means of the torture and pornography. They don`t care if the victims they are vulnerating become sick or die. Thank you for communicating and read y comment.

  2. F Gregg Meagher

    As much as it would be a desired result to deny the existence of ‘mind control’ technologies and neurotics, the later is not possible for any individual who has performed a profound, sincere, and open-minded research into this later reality. Unfortunately, this is a dark, occult, and torturous reality ongoing throughout the World. I fully understand why, so many have taken their own lives and/or surrendered to destructive attempts to escape the inability to bare the effects. I sincerely hope that others do not follow suit. You can override the physical and mental effects! I reach out with sincere compassion and support for all of us confronting this challenge to be free from mind-control domination and the games that are being played against us.

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