12. okt, 2014





I have been writing in Dutch because I want to draw attention to the police and anyone who can help us, but the translation from Dutch to English by Google is not 100%. 
It is full of mistakes, that is why I will occasionally also write something in English:

Today was horrible! as the neighbour upstairs was zapping my ankles again! it hurts like Hell!  
I cannot sit or walk without having to protect myself!
If I do not protect myself, (with things I have collected through-out the years) then the pain is so bad that it is impossible to function or do anything at all!
It is very dangerous too, as you never know when it will happen!
They also zap the heart of my family member every day, even outside! so she usually has to wear something on her chest to protect herself!
We also noticed, that when we take a mobile phone with us, like outside, that the stalkers seem to find us quicker!
What is also irritating at home or outside, is that when they are around and they are busy zapping our/my stomach that one has to make a run for a toilet! 
This happens to us alot, so it is better to check-out where all the nearby toilets are!
They also zap our skin and we have to use a Sunscreen with the highest Factor, or put cream on our face (in the house) every few hours!
Also they zap our eyes and my family member has had her eye damaged 2x and her eye started bleeding aswell and it needed treatment!
I usually notice that when I start reading something, that the text goes from small to big (or the other way round!).
The best thing to do is to wear protective glasses.
Lately they are very busy burning my hair, or zapping it and then my scalp starts itching.
I have noticed a difference to my hair, for when I comb it, it falls-out alot and it is not as thick as it used to be!
They also use chemicals!
My family member and I tint our hair and they spoil it by making certain parts of our hair darker!
When we want to sleep, then we do not sleep in our bed, but we sleep on a chair, with alot of things covering us to protect us! 
For when we do try to sleep in our bed (or any bed), they seem to use some kind of radio-waves, or atleast something ''electric'', that is aimed at us (and the bed we sleep on). When they do this, the bed starts rocking like a boat! I also think that we are a much easier target for them when we lie in bed, as they hurt us even more!
It usually takes an hour or more to help my family member (and myself) to cover ourselves so that we are somewhat protected from the pain that they cause us with their ''zapping''! When we feel ''air'' creeping up on us, '(which is usually ''ice'' cold air), we always know that we haven't covered ourselves properly and that the pain will start all over again!
The cold air comes from the pipes, like the central heating, toilet, boiler and fridge etc.
The fridge is the most important, for it starts making a hell of a noise, I think they need it so they can produce the cold air! The cold air creeps into the room and it seems to get a life of it's own, it is af if they can find us quicker and it causes us pain!


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